Thursday, January 7, 2010

What goes on bakstage?

While we were typing up the previous entry, this is what was happening to us and among us.

Uuugh…it hurts. *SCRATCH*
Make it stop!!!
Ok I’m putting on my socks.
Help me…uhum…uhum…
Vinisha: Oooh that’s a good one. My toes…aaahhh….it won’t stop.
*SPLAT* HA! GOT YA! Oooohh that feels better *scratch, scratch scratch*
Cecilia: nooooooo! StopitstopitstopitSTOPIT!
Vinisha: Did you say yesterday toothpaste works?
Cecilia: I didn’t really try it? But washing the bumps didn’t work too much either.
Vinisha: Ok that’s it, I’m darking them out.
Cecilia: What do you mean?
Vinisha: well we turn off our light in our room and watch them follow the light out.
Cecilia: NOOO! Don’t turn the lights off, it’s never going to work. Our computers are on!
Vinisha: it’s ok, we’ll just dim the screen.

IT WORKED!!! It was a peaceful night no mosquitos.

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