Wednesday, January 6, 2010

its been a long day...

it's been a long day and we started to write our post saying all that we did... but we've got one eye open each and we have another set of meetings tomorrow. we'll work on the update of what we did today, tomorrow (probably at 4am our time).

for the time being here are some highlights that will keep you interested until then:
- you can negotiate on your bribe
- there are large discrepancies as to how many people actually live in Dharavi
- the work of SPARC and Mahila Mila and the National Slum Dwellers Fderation is empowering and promotes creativity and ingenuity with regards to changing current situations
- traffic in Mumbai is amazing!
- we have a new driver

tomorrow is another big meeting with SPARC representatives in their Khetwadi offices.

on our drive there (which google maps told us would take 20 minutes, but we have been told it will more likely take us about 2 hours....) vinisha and cecilia will compare notes from today (which we have since been a little too tired to do) and exchange stories that we heard while we were each talking to different people.

until tomorrow!

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