Thursday, November 12, 2009

It all started on the 2 train...

After a meeting about the International Field Program (IFP) both Vinisha and Cecilia were very excited to travel! The next free time that we had was winter break (the IFP takes place in the Summer of 2010). We had individually started thinking about research ideas that would take us to another country and gain some more field experience.

In a conversation that in the end led to our working together on this project, we initially by simply asking each other questions about the issue of poverty. The conversation grew in complexity and we realized that were talking about the same issues and were interested in the same topics. We had different areas of interest which we found broadened and deepened the questions that we were asking and the conversation that we were having.

Almost missing our stop on the 2 train, we realized with great jubilation that we had just come up with a thesis for a project! SLUM REDEVELOPMENT IN INDIA! We ran to Cecilia's to get our ideas down on paper. 4 hours and a few pots of tea later (which would make it around midnight - on a Friday) we had our plan!

Since then the plan and questions shifted and have been revised to become more substantial and focused. The final product, which was submitted as a grant proposal for the India China Institute at The New School's Student Travel and Research Fellowship, can be seen in the next post.

We've decided to start this blog to document our project and to begin a dialogue between each other, our friends, experts in the field, and others interested in the topics touched upon.

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